What's On Top: Fall Fashion Trends 2020—Outerwear

What's On Top: Fall Fashion Trends 2020—Outerwear

Fall is just around the corner, and that means we all need to be well prepared for the new season, no matter what. To stay safe and sound, and on a fashion wave at the same time, follow our review of world-famous designers' runways—ready-to-wear Fall 2020—to get a better understanding of new trends of the upcoming season and create your shopping list.

Our journey begins with Outerwear.

Trench Coats

Trench coats are the all-time classics, so if you decide to invest in one, it would be worth every penny!

Originally created for Army officers before WWI, trench coats became ultra-popular among British and French soldiers later, during the war, and were adapted for use in trenches (hence its name). And although a lot of things have changed since then, trench coats are still the same.

Trench Coats – Fall 2020

Designers create either classic trench coats we all got used to, or some slightly new variants—a rainbow of colors, and all length options. So, when you choose one for yourself, consider the trench you like most of all and that fits your style and wardrobe; however, if you want something for all occasions the midi length and camel or black color are the winners.

Wear with:

Dresses, skirts, and heels, or, alternatively, to pair with jeans, sneakers, or gumshoes.

Leather Coats

Coats and especially trenches made of leather or patent leather, bright or plain, printed or not are becoming more and more popular and appear in the collections of a lot of designers for Fall 2020.

Leather Coats – Fall 2020

If this one is of classic color or the color you like, nice сut, and universal length (midi or maxi) it will definitely serve you well and for a long time.

Wear with:

Mini, midi, maxi dresses, skirts of any length, trousers, jeans.

Double-Breasted Coat

A coat was previously a men's outer garment, usually mid-length, sleeved, but like a lot of items turned to another side and became popular among women.

A double-breasted coat can't be considered as something completely new on the fashion stage and it is still the classics no matter what. However, this year many designers paid attention to this item on the runways, predicting the popularity of more likely an officer coat type and well-structured shoulders.

Double-Breasted Coats – Fall 2020

If you choose the one midi and of classic color, you can get a great and warm assistant in your wardrobe that could be very universal to wear it with.

Wear with:

Jeans, tanks, shirts, sneakers, and gumshoes, or dresses, skirts, boots.

Bomber Jacket

That might seem weird, but a lot of clothes we wear now were created originally for the Army and became popular after the war. Bomber jackets, or as they are called also, aviator jackets are not an exclusion.

Created for pilots to keep them warm because most airplanes during WWI didn't have an enclosed cockpit, they were equipped with snug cuffs and waists, zipper closures with wind flaps, and high wraparound collars.

Bomber Jackets – Fall 2020

This kid overcame several waves of its popularity with the last one in 2012-2013, and after some time it is on the runways again! Made of different materials, and colors, they can be classic and original, plain or with embroidered pattern—just for every taste. And while it hardly can be paired with a long dress or a suit, it can be worn in cold summer, fall, spring, or even winter if temperatures aren't low.

Wear with:

More on the sports side—jeans, mini pleated skirts and dresses, casual trousers and a tank or a t-shirt.


In 2020 this medieval garment is gaining striking popularity among a lot of designers all over the world. So, if you're more on the trendy side, you definitely need to consider a cape to be implemented into your wardrobe. A sleeveless outer garment to drape your back, arms, and chest, with a connection at the neck makes you feel like a character from the old good times or even from a fairy tale.

Capes Fall – 2020

This is a beautiful feminine garment that could be worn either with something very feminine as well as with jeans, and sneakers. The biggest drawback of capes is that it hardly can be considered as warm clothes because of the loose cut and short or ¾ length sleeves. However, if you are done with basics and now hunt for something extra and fresh, capes are the thing.

Wear with:

Dresses, jeans, trousers, sneakers.

Quilted Jacket

The one we know today was born in 1965 and still remains essential for both men and women. With a touch of retro and of any color, it will suit you well either in fall or even in winter if you choose a puffer one.

Quilted Jackets – Fall 2020

Quilted jackets continue to appear on the runways: bright and bleak, short and long, with square, figurate stitches of different sizes.

Wear with:

Dresses, skirts, and heels. Or, you can go to a tomboy with wide linen trousers and military boots.