Not Just Burberry: Best Trench Coats For Rainy Weather—Fall 2020

As it turns out, trench coats are on top of the fashion stage (again!), and it seems it is so every season.

Not Just Burberry: Best Trench Coats For Rainy Weather—Fall 2020

Created for the army needs first and gained its popularity during WWI, a trenchcoat was picked up by fashionistas and rapidly implemented into the day-to-day wardrobe of everyday men and women. As of now, it can be worn everywhere and with literally everything, no rules: suits, skirts, dresses, jeans, boots, sneakers, you name it.

That's why if you haven't bought one yet, now may be the best time. The cherry on the cake about trenchcoats is that it is not just a one-day trend but the piece that will bring you joy and comfort for quite a looong time. Designers and fashion bloggers certainly know that and recommend this item to be included in the basic wardrobe of many.

When the Trenchcoat word pops up, the first association that comes to mind is the one from Burberry—a pioneer in the trench coat industry. The iconic Chelsea or Kensington heritage trench coat in honey or black with a vintage check lining and true English chic is the item in the wishlist of almost all the girls all over the world. Even if the Burberry trench coat is the classic, these days it isn't just Burberry who offers the style, but a stack of brands who hopped on the train and demonstrate fascinating models with offbeat details—still, minimalistic and fancy.

So, what are the inevitable attributes of a real trench coat and what it consists of? Let's dive into that.

If you want to differ or just to add up one more trench coat to your wardrobe, we've picked you the best alternatives to Burberry trench coats—but we've included Burberry as well—so you can be the trendiest and dandies this fall, as well as many upcoming ones.


Saint Laurent

Bottega Veneta


Maison Margiela



The Row


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