Fall 2020 Fashion Trends—Devil Is In The Details

Fall 2020 Fashion Trends—Devil Is In The Details

Even if this season was a bit different from the very normalcy due to the Covid-19 and stay-at-home orders, designers did their best to present beautiful, compelling, sometimes feminine, sometimes daring collections, so we could enjoy and stay on top of the fashion mountain and try on the latest fashion trends available.

Let's review the runways and find out the essential items and pieces worth investing in to warm up the cold days ahead.

On The Fringe

We've seen fringe popped up here and there for the past few seasons, but now it is becoming one of the biggest fall fashion trends in 2020.

You will see fringed pieces in collections of many designers—either monochrome dresses from Jil Sander or modest in the collection of Prada, metallic fringed dresses, fringe-trimmed coats, and jackets, or even fur-coats as one from Bottega Venetta or Dsquared.

Our Tip

If you're in love with this trend and want to add it in your wardrobe, you need to remember about balancing — make the fringe piece to be the center stage while keeping the rest of your look pared back.

You can start slowly, with a fringed jacket or accessories to elevate your everyday outfit.

Leather everywhere

Leather was downright the fashion trend last year, and it seems it doesn't go anywhere this fall—an ocean of leather pieces on the stage.

And even if from the first sight, leather might sound the all-time classic, this season, it is gone far beyond the usual one leather piece per look.

Leather suits from Marc Jacobs and Jil Sander, jackets and trench coats from Hermes and Valentino paired with very leather skirts and pants—models worn leather pieces literally from head to toe.

Our Tip

That's an excellent trend to invest in; however, we recommend to choose versatile pieces with a louche fit, such as wide-leg pants, culottes, and shirts – they can be styled together or separately. One of the best pieces is a leather jacket or a blazer.

Collar statement

Fall usually recalls a studious mood, that's why super-sized collars and especially white collars are stealing the limelight and our hearts either it's a statement shirt with collar spilled over suiting or a super-sized collar dress.

Beautiful pointed '70s collars over blazers, frilly and lace-trimmed vintage-inspired collars exuding a Victorian vibe were shown by Celine, Chanel, and Marc Jacobs.

Our Tip

If you want to refresh your looks with latest fashion trends and super-sized collars are among them, wear shirts with statement collars over sweaters paired with loose trousers or just choose all-in-one dresses and complement them with heels or boots.

Big Faux Fur Coats

The runways were filled with chic fur coats, and the vast majority of the designers used faux fur as a statement of their position for animal rights.

Glamorous and playful fuzzy coats from Miu Miu, totally fur-free, and so alluring ones from Prada will warm you up and make your look finished and sophisticated.

Our Tip

To underline your creativity, give a try to a bright colored version; however, keep in mind that it will suit only glamour parties and casual walks in the street. If you are more on a classy side, a classic fit and color coat in mid will work the best for office-friendly combos with trousers and heels to sexy looks paired with posh skirts and luscious dresses.

Short and cropped coats look great with maxi dresses and skirts.

More Sequins

Sequins is a fashion trend that has been popping up from one season to another, and now they are finally free from their time constraints and could be worn all year-round.

So, if you like to illuminate and spark, this trend is for you—sequin dresses and skirts are all over the FW 2020 collections paired with sequin jackets by Oscar de La Renta or beautiful turtle-neck maxi dresses by Bottega Venetta.

Disc-adorned pieces presented by designers are of all colors—blue, pink, brown, red; sequin dresses are worn with army boots (Valentino) and heels, paired with latex (Saint Laurant), velvet, fringe accessories.

Our Tip

Pair sequined dresses with heels or boots (even army boots work well), or you can put on a slip sequined dress layered over knitwear, wear skirts, and trousers with tailored blazers and add more cool points by adding white sneakers; or, just wear sequins with sequins and shine! The most important is to leave all the attention to the sequined piece, try to avoid more statement pieces and accessories in the look.

Feel The Velvet

Gorgeous velvet is on the stage this fall—retro-vintage silhouettes by Chanel and Fendi are fabulous, suits from Celine, Dior, and Balmain are incredibly elegant and feminine.

The Renaissance epoch was full of velvet things like clothing, wall hangings, religious vestments, upholstery, draperies, etc. and because of the difficulties of its production, it always was associated with royalty. And although the industrial revolution has changed the layout a bit, velvet still maintains its luxurious reputation and is still associated with the wealthy.

Our Tip

If your goal is to stand out, there is nothing better then velvet to help you here. Just take into account that rains or snows are not friends for your velvet items, so don't choose velvet for active wearing. Opt for darker tones to stress the gorgeous shiny finish of the fabric and wear it with little accessories or without them at all.

To make your velvet look more casual, pair your velvet separates with denim, wool/ knitwear, and simple cotton.

Voluminous Sleeves

When talking about FW2020 trends, let's not forget about shoulders and statement sleeves—it turns out that they have become a regular fixture on the runway.

Gorgeous jackets from Alexander McQueen, and beautiful feminine coats from Givenchy, ribbed midi dresses of Isabel Marant and offbeat suits from Balenciaga—structured and voluminous, they adorn every piece creating dramatic and powerful silhouettes with a sharp geometric and a feminine touch.

Our Tip

Choose this one if you want to transform your on and off-duty look and add a retro vibe touch. Just remember that subtle sleeves make the silhouette structured enough already to ensure a dressed-up edge; pair it with a mini, and heeled boots, alternatively consider a dress and wear it with heels and boots.

Then add gold hoop earrings, a this-season favorite, and the perfect final statement.
Be moderate with accessories and colors to keep the rest of your look minimal—a simple silhouette in neutral colors will make the perfect final statement.

Animal print

The evergreen trend—an animal print—seems to be always in the runways adorning dresses, suits, and outerwear. Leopard, zebra, cheetah, giraffe, snake—sometimes we thought about the catwalk as of safari.

The zebra coat from Marc Jacobs, the bright and so alive cheetah dress from Miu Miu, and the leopard total look from Valentino are exciting, offbeat, and striking at the same time.

Our Tip

If you're not sure what to start with, just keep it simple with a monochromatic look and some animal print accessories. If you already have some leopard items in your wardrobe, then to experiment, try switching your animal to zebra, tiger, or snake.

To make it always right, bring the main focus to the animal printed piece in your look, but if you are a pro and bold, try mixing various animal prints—you'll be more than just remarkable and stunning.

Plaid Around It

The pattern has long been a part of fashion idiom and was presented in various ways on the runways of many designers season after season with Burberry on top. But in the FW 2020 collections, designers feature it on capes and coats, dresses, suits, trousers, and blazers.

In a variety of shapes and sizes, courageous, and eclectic colors—the key is to wear out the head-to-toe plaid dressing, or using color blocking and offbeat mixed patchwork patterns.

Our Tip

There are plenty of ways to play with plaid, starting from accessories to the head-to-toe looks. Wear pleated plaid skirts and dresses to look more elegant or consider a plaid shirt for a more relaxed attitude. Plaid cashmere scarfs can be the best choice to implement the plaid print into your wardrobe for the very start.


This fall, designers considered lingerie an essential piece in your wardrobe and encourage women to wear bras and négligées beyond the confines of home.

Saint Laurant pairs exquisite lace bodysuits with latex pants or velvet pencil skirts, while Fendi and Dior are more about presenting sheer black underpinnings as outerwear.

Our Tip

Don't reserve lingerie for the nighttime only experiment with new items, and implement them into your wardrobe. Pair it with lace and baby-doll detailing.